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Monarch Butterfly


This soap honors the colors of the Monarch Butterfly. There is a wing shape within the soap.  If you put two bars together, you may have a full butterfly (as pictured)!  The fragrance begins with top notes of Lemon & Rosemary. The middle notes contain florals, sandalwood and patchouli and finally, the luscious blend finishes off with musk and vetyver. This is a fragrance blend you will love called vetyver. It smells nothing like the essential oil of the same name. 

An image a full bar of this soap is on this home page slide show.

Oils: coconut, palm

Butters: shea

Fragrance: vetever type(see above)

Colors: titanium dioxide (white), yellow oxide, tangerine wow! colorant, fizzy lemonade colorant, black oxide


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